thu jul 4, 2019

RRSW Fall Gathering 2019

Red River Swift Wing Gathering October 4th and 5th 2019. Early arrivals October 3rd. Planned departures October 6th. You just may want to stay longer. We now have two additional Swift owners living in Pecan Plantation, and another building a home/hangar here, so you never know. We've got to get our numbers up to rival the local RV's and Bonanza's.

This is an old-time fly-in, basically with much Swift "hangar talk," and camaraderie. The possibility of formation clinic and currency/familiarization flights are planned. Other adventures specifically for the women including shopping (what else?), and sightseeing for all interested, are likely. Weather dependent fly outs are in the works.

The location is Pecan Plantation 0TX1, south of Granbury, TX. For room reservations contact Pecan Plantation Club House at 817-573-2641.

We realize that these accommodations are limited, so get your reservations in NOW if you want to stay at the club.

Do not fear if and when those rooms are gone as we are making other arrangements to accommodate any and all that want to attend. There are several local folks who are willing to accommodate those who would like to remain on the airport. If you want to do this, let us know soon and we will make arrangements. There are several motels in Granbury.

If there are any questions you may contact Steve Wilson at or Barbara Wilson at Cell phone numbers are in the Swift directory.


wed jun 12, 2019

Swift Nationals 2019 RESCHEDULED

Dear Swift Members,

After much deliberation and discussion, the Swift Museum Foundation, Inc. Board Of Directors decided to reschedule the 2019 Swift National Fly-In & Convention for September 11 - 15 in Athens, TN. We wish to thank Ron Sipple and his crew for their valiant effort to host us in Kansas this year. As you all know, due to this year's unusual weather pattern this is the first year that we have ever had to postpone our event. Charlie, forgive me for having to do this but I believe it was in keeping with your philosophy "Better to be late down here than early up there". Getting wet is an inconvenience but getting our airplanes torn up by hail and or tornados is not part of the equation.

There were several options and many reasons that led us to this decision. Rest assured your Board weighed them carefully and made their decision based on what they believe was in the best interests of the Swift Museum Foundation. We are trying to get this information out to you as early as possible so you can make plans. Please look for the details in your next newsletter. Since this letter is only going out electronically, if you know anyone not on the email list, please call them and let them know of our decision.

Paul Mercandetti
Event Chairman

Ed note. Just to be clear, the rescheduling of Swift Nationals to September 11-15 in Athens, TN, does not impact the RRSW Fall Gathering that is still planned for October 3-6 at Pecan Plantation, TX (0TX1). We hope that you can attend both of these special events.

fri may 24, 2019

Todd Bengston's new Swift

Todd reports that he is starting to feel at home in his new Swift. 20 hours and 62 landings in 2 months. Beautiful airplane Todd.


thu may 23, 2019

RRSW enjoys Huntsville, TX

The RRSW gathered in Huntsville, TX at Wade and Terry's annual May flyin. The weater was bad in the morning and this limited attendance. By lunch, it was a beautiful day. This years featured guest was a beautiful B-26.

wed may 22, 2019

RRSW flys to Woodville, TX

The RRSW enjoyed perfect weather for the April flyout to Woodville, TX. A nice rural airport. Everyone enjoyed good home cooked meals at the Pickett House restaurant. 6 Swifts and Wade's Ryan PT22 made the journey. A great day of flying, food and fellowship.

mon feb 18, 2019

Red River Swift Wing Events 2019

I hope everyone is staying warm this winter and looking forward to the 2019 flying season. There are several great events already scheduled, and there will be a few more short notice additions. This year we have decided to schedule our local fly-out lunches on short notice with regards to place and date. In the past, over half of our scheduled local events get cancelled because of weather.

This year, we will have 3 events that will be announced a few days in advance, in hopes of avoiding any weather issues. These fly-out lunches/breakfast will occur in April, August, and September and will be listed in the calendar of events as TBA.

Also plans are well under way for Swift National in New Century KS, and our very own RRSW Fall Flyin at Pecan Plantation. You won't regret making plans to attend either one of these key events in 2019! Rooms have already been blocked at the Pecan Plantation Clubhouse, and you can make your reservation at 817-573-2641

April 2-7 Sun and Fun
April TBA
May 4 Huntsville TX (UTS)
June 5-8 Swift National, New Century KS (IXD)
July 22-28 Oshkosh
August TBA
September TBA
October 3-6 RRSW Fall Flyin, Pecan Plantation TX

Todd Bengtson

tue dec 11, 2018

RRSW Fall Gathering 2018

A big think you to Brenda and Larry LaForce for hosting the RRSW Fall Flyin at Mount Pleasant October 5-7, 2018. We all enjoyed each others friendship, flying, eating, wine touring, and touring the incredible Mid- America Flight Museum. Early arrivals made their way to Mt. Pleasant on Thursday evening. Friday the group flew out to Sulpher Springs for lunch at the Red Barn Cafe. Friday evening/ night we enjoyed a wine tour and dining at Los Pinos Winery in Pittsburg , TX.

Saturday's main event was to tour the Mid - America Flight Museum. Scott Glover has a wonderful collection of rare aircraft, and the hosts spent a lot of time with us touring the place. Lunch was catered at the museum. Saturday night's dinner was held at the host hotel and enjoyed by all. The weather Sunday morning was cloudy and rainy, but cleared about lunch time for most to depart for home.

Thank you to all who made the effort to attend.

sun sep 16, 2018

RRSW lunch at Graham, TX

The RRSW lunch at Graham, TX was almost thwarted because of weather. Several members just couldn't make it because of low ceilings and thunderstorms. We had 4 Swifts make it to lunch, and we had a great visit and BBQ. Hope to see everyone at Mt. Pleasant in a few weeks. Todd Bengston

mon aug 20, 2018

RRSW visits Fredericksburg, TX

The RRSW had a breakfast flyin at Fredericksburg, TX this past Saturday morning. 4 Swifts attended, but thanks to Ed Loyd and his family driving in, there were 14 people for breakfast at the Airport Diner. It was a beautiful , hot, summer morning in TX. Vernon Rooze flew in from Burnett TX. Jerry and Matt Cohen came from Denton TX. Regulars Wade and Terry Gillaspie arrived from Huntsvile TX and Todd Bengstron from Tyler TX. Ed Lloyds cousin had a bucket list item of wanting to perform a roll in an airplane. He was able to check that off his list.

tue jun 12, 2018

More from Swift Nationals 2018

Our "official" RRSW photographer Todd Bengston took some wonderful photos of Swift Nationals 2018. Click on each photo for a larger version.

mon jun 11, 2018

Swift Nationals 2018

It was another fantastic Swift Nationals at McMinn County Airport in Tennessee with great airplanes, great people and great weather. We have many new Swift owners joining and new faces were everywhere. Among the highlights was a visit from Mark Baker, President and CEO of AOPA, who attended and took a ride in a Swift four-ship formation. Ben Wilson flew the photo ship with the AOPA photographer. Click here to view the AOPA article.

Paul Barnett kept his T-35 busy giving many rides. Robert Dickson also had his "Buckaroo" there which gave us three of the five flyable "Bucks" on the field at one time. Maintenance forums, ADS-B forums, and Parts forums were also well attended. Steve Wilson and the Parts Committee have been working hard to find vendors to produce some of the needed landing gear parts and some of the prototype parts were shown. We do need minimum orders for the production runs for some parts and that is being worked on.

Phases one, two, and three of the Swift Museum facility are now completed and "Paid For". Thank you Ken Coughlin for your generous donation allowing the final tasks to be completed. And in recognition, our RRSW Gloria Warden Memorial award was given this year to Ken Coughlin for his outstanding and tireless service to the Swift Community. And with the Museum construction and set up coming to a close, it is anticipated that future fund raising will once again be directed towards parts procurement to maintain our birds.

In other Swift Association news, all of the drawings and manuals have been digitized and we will be able to download them shortly. This will preserve those old paper drawings and everyone will have access to whatever they need. High definition paper drawings can also be produced for a small fee from the vendor.

In 2019, Swift Nationals will be held in the Kansas City area at the New Century airport (the old Olathe NAS) so ya'll (or is that Ya'lls) start planning to attend. In 2020, Nationals will once again return to Athens, TN.

Stan Price

wed feb 21, 2018

Formation Flying

Many Swift owners enjoy formation flying with their Swifts and fly-ins such as the RRSW Fall Gathering are perfect opportunities to learn and practice. But good training is essential; both ground school and inflight and ongoing practice is important to maintain skill levels. Formation flying is all about safety, attitude, standardization, thorough pre-flight briefing and rigorous and open post flight debriefing but the challenge of doing it well is its own reward. If there is sufficient interest, it may be possible to have a formation ground school at this years Fall Gathering at Mount Pleasant.

Video courtesy of Sam Swift